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Berline premium ou luxe, van ou mini-bus, bus, voiture d’exception… Planete Drive met à votre disposition des véhicules haut de gamme de dernière génération pour répondre à tous vos besoins en matière de déplacement et vous assurer le plus grand confort. Tous nos véhicules ainsi que ceux de nos partenaires sont des modèles de dernière génération.

Premium Sedan

Mercedes Class E

Mercedes classe E en location avec chauffeur à Paris

The Class E embodies a modern style, a sporty refined look and a pleasant smoothness to the ride. You’ll arrive at your destination relaxed. It’s perfect for a 3-passenger travel journey in Paris or out of town travel in France. With leather interiors and on-board amenities, (Wi-Fi connection, electric sockets, drinks) we guarantee a comfortable and stress-free trip for your personal and professional travels.


Premium Sedan

Mercedes S – Class

Mercedes classe S en location avec chauffeur à Paris

The charismatic exterior of the Mercedes S-Class exudes an aura of luxury and prestige announcing its arrival. The impressive body paint job and its luxurious interior will fascinate you. With this car, we guarantee prestigious travel on your journeys for 3-passengers maximum. Its modern interiors and refined surfaces will have you forgetting the outside world. It offers an ideal travelling office environment, or simply relax and enjoy the surroundings. On-board amenities included.


Luxury Sedan

Mercedes S-Class Maybach

Mercedes classe S en location avec chauffeur à Paris

The Mercedes S-class Maybach is a performance car with athletic elegance.
Its V8 motor or V12 engine allows it to tame the road and defeat all its challenges it will face with confidence and style to the delight of its passengers. Choose this vehicle for a comfortable journey in your personal, business or event functions – 4 passengers maximum.


Luxury Sedan

Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom en location avec chauffeur à Paris

The Rolls Royce Phantom is a luxury sedan with an aura, a presence that defies time itself. Iconic and enduring, the Phantom is the Rolls Royce signature of a modern car. Reserve this luxury sedan for exceptional comfort on your transfers, your private excursions, and VIP welcome for your special clients and business associates.


Economy Comfort Sedan

Renault, Peugeot, …

Rolls Royce Phantom en location avec chauffeur à Paris

A fleet of sedans, the latest models providing comfort, aesthetic and security. These models offer a very stylish, classy and smooth in ride.


Mini vans

Mercedes V class

Mercedes classe V en location avec chauffeur à Paris

The Mercedes V class mini-van is used for transfers and transportation for up to 7 persons. Ideal for families and large groups, it permits a relaxed ambiance and unmatched comfort. The on-board services include: Wi-Fi, drinks, the latest van accessories, and baby seats. Come and enjoy this unforgettable voyage!



Volkswagen Caravelle

Volkswagen Caravelle en location avec chauffeur à Paris

The Volkswagen Caravelle sets the standard for large group transportation of up to 8 passengers. Perfectly adapting to the needs of its passengers, it meets the expectations of the most demanding of clientele. Changeable seating configurations, the trunk can hold up to 8 pieces of luggage, plentiful storage compartments, and multiple electronic equipment. The Caravelle is the ideal shuttle. The on -board Wi-Fi will allow you to stay connected with your customers or surf the internet at ease on your trip.




Mercedes Sprinter Van

Mercedes sprinter en location avec chauffeur à Paris

Space, comfort and security, the Mercedes Sprinter turns heads with its modern design. The interior does not miss out on the luxurious features and the benches are comfortably made. Passengers of the Sprinter can incline the backrest as well as adjust their headrests for added relaxation. Ideal for events or family trips, this minivan can accommodate up to 15 passengers.


Mercedes Tourino

Mercedes classe V en location avec chauffeur à Paris

The Mercedes Tourino meets the transport and transfer needs of up to 30 passengers. Its modern lines and high-end interiors provides comfort with a 77cm minimum space between each seat. This bus is equipped with a wifi terminal. Notwithstanding its capacity, the bus offers a pleasant ambiance and intimacy for your personal and professional journeys.


Other vehicles available upon request.

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